“Art is either plagiarism or is revolution”

Paul Gauguin

The woodworking division can be defined not inappropriately the cradle where ideas and projects take shape, through the expert hands of master craftsmen who can boast a rare specialization and a knowledge handed down from the shops and their fathers. The skilled hands of our carpenters are able to capture the essence of wood and reveal its true beauty giving life to true works of art.

The materials used are of the highest quality and the essences used are the most valuable, in order to guarantee a precious product even in the most hidden details. From the shaping of the first pieces up to the assembly, from the finishing to the polishing, each phase is followed by our master craftsmen with the love and care of those who made the production of wooden furniture a lifestyle and whose center there and always the warmth of the wood suitably worked in order to exalt its splendor. The careful and appropriate choice of materials thus guarantees a solid product destined to last over time. The company also offers specific processes for the use of solid wood and veneer, thus responding to every taste and desire of the client.