Carving and inlay

Carving and inlay

The carving is an ancient artistic technique through which ornaments are made in recess or in relief on wooden surfaces. As for every artistic work, also at the base of this art there is the drawing that dictates its line and its shape.

Wood is an ideal support as its qualities of lightness and sometimes softness make it easy to work by skilled and expert hands; its surface is carved with the aid of various types of tools such as burins, chisels, gouges and mallets. Each carving represents a unique artistic work; it is a union between the living and changeable matter of wood with the ancient and wise sensitivity of the sculptor who dictates its forms.

From this link comes an inimitable game of lights and shadows, of light and dark, of movements and lines that run after each other and recreate the experience of harmony.

The inlay is an ancient procedure, which consists in cutting ornamental motifs on thin sheets of precious wood. The choice of woods, the accuracy of the designs and the executions give elegance and personality to each piece of furniture, in a weave in which wood essences, ivories and hard stones are combined.

The creation of surfaces with elaborate and precious designs is the creation of products with a strong identity that are able to translate into reality the deepest emotions and desires. The great experience and loyalty to the use of ancient techniques allow to realize any type of inlay requested by the clients.