In the heart of Brianza

In the heart of Brianza

“Originality consists in returning to the origins”.
Antoni Guillem Gaudí

The company is located in the heart of Brianza, the center of the production of furniture that boasts an avant-garde position in Italy and in the world. The Agostoni Family, the heir of this tradition of excellence, Brianza has encouraged continuous research aimed at the evolution of taste and beauty, through the participation and active support of the Cabiate School of Design, founded to preserve and pass on intact the great legacy of furniture industry.

Brianza is synonymous with furniture of excellence and the Agostoni Company has been able to grasp this legacy by realizing it in the production of furniture of the highest quality and value, where each line becomes art and every project is aimed at the full satisfaction and need of the customer.

Versatility is what most distinguishes the company; the presence of all the working phases within it allows the enhancement and control of the entire furniture production process. All the Company’s choices have always been oriented to respond, in the smallest detail, to the customer’s desires, providing an exclusive service, which accompanies him through all the phases from the design, to the production up to the final installation.