Arch. Antonio D’andrea Architect and interiors design of great international experience, he graduated at the Polytechnic University of Milan after having set design in Brera. He works in the cinema as a scenographer collaborating with directors such as Visconti, Zeffirelli and Bolognini in the preparation of several films. He works as a designer architect in different parts of the world: Panama, Russia, Kazakhstan and the French Riviera. He collaborates with several international furniture companies with collections of furniture and accessories of eclectic and contemporary taste.

The meeting with the company Agostoni has been profitable both from a human point of view and from a creative concept for the “Contemporary” collection. I wanted to give a contemporary sense to this creation of mine in such a way that it could blend into the taste and the contemporary life of the modern and current “object” thing. The philosophy and the taste that I wanted to give to this “creature image” is such that it can be inserted with a certain “ease and softness” in the current and contemporary home. Color, wood essences, lacquers, fabrics and the softness of the lines give this “Contemporary” collection a sensation of lightness and impalpability.

Arch. Tiziana Galletti Formated on the artistic and craft tradition of Canturina first and then in the Milanese environment, she has been for years a professor of art history and architectural design.

The historical preparation allowed her to face the design of collections that have their roots in the past and to freely reinterpret classical formal codes.

Precisely from the reflection on the past the collections and projects of important living and representative spaces were born in Italy and abroad.

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