Our history

The Agostoni Company boasts ancient origins, founded in 1890 by the father of Isacco Agostoni, whose name it still retains, it has established itself over the years through passion, tenacity and the capacity for continuous renewal; characteristics that have brought it to the well-established levels of excellence and that have made its brand synonymous with prestige in Italy and in the world, where it represents and proudly exports Made in Italy.

The family business has been able to face many difficulties, continuing to renew itself during the dark and painful years of the First and Second World Wars; this happened also thanks to the master craftsmen, the real pride of the company, which have been able to transmute precious treasures of knowledge and wisdom. In 2006, following a fire that destroyed the Cabiate shed, the company moved to Barlassina over a vast area of ​​15,000 square meters; such a decisive enlargement marked a relaunch towards new international markets. But not only.

In recent years the company has grown through a continuous and careful analysis of the market, thus achieving a leading position in constant research and development. Tradition and innovation are the two elements that wisely and harmoniously intertwined in these years; the profound knowledge of master craftsmen, through which the artist’s vocation emerges, the taste of beauty and the desire to refine oneself are so indissolubly linked with continuous technological research. Today, Figli di Isacco Agostoni is synonymous with uniqueness, solidity and great versatility.

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